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Friday, January 9, 2009

Structured Interview with [[P]]

At last, the time has come..A very short notice from P.

Hi, Ms Khairun Nadiah yer? Ni dari P..Saya nak bagitau Nadiah dijemput attend interview hari Sabtu ni pukul 8 pagi yer.

Fuh..Otak ligat berfikir. Mahu atau x. Kalo tolak susah plak die nak arrange slot baru untuk di interview. Then, d rite asnwer 4 dat moment is "YES". Nothing much to do. Be urself kata kawan2. Doakan saya yang terbaik!

List things to bring :

  • Latest Resume
  • Photocopy of your scroll - certified true copy
  • Photocopy of your academic transcript (e.g. Degree, SPM,STPM) - certified true copy
  • MUET (Malaysia University English Test) (If Applicable)
  • Photocopy of professional certificates - certified true copy (If Applicable)
  • Photocopy of I.C.
  • Photo (1 copy)
  • Calculator
  • Original certificates
Calculator? For what??Hopefully I dun need to retake ability test..Haha.

Alamak ada LIKE je..DISLIKE tak ada laaa..=p

7 WishingStar:

Edwin Si said...

wish u all the best...good luck in ur interview!

beLLe said...

gudlak kN~

KhairunNadiah said...

hihi..dh abes pn interbiu..thnx kt sme yg wish n bg tips..saye amat hargai~

de_hydrates said...

da interbiu? xsempat nk gudlak.. heh..

KhairunNadiah said...

dh~~hehe xpe2..akak tau safwan salu doakn akak..hehe~~

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