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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Comfort Zone

There is something bother me lately. I haven't decided my life path. IF P dont hire me wut shud I do??Continue my study??Ya ya..I applied that TMP UITM...haha..bajet2 nk jd lecturer..Hmmm..but still half way or half hearted. Then, I've been thinking to just continue my study at UTP. Hehe. PG there?? Still dun make any move yet. Grrr...keep thinking! That's all I noe at this moment. Pity me. I realized somehow my life is too simple or always being in comfort zone. I always get wut I want. Haha. Maybe wut I want is sumthng dat not difficult to achieve.

Yup..I have ONE. Hihi..xkan 2 plak kn??Hmm..encik-abg-angkat-saye bilang saye senang dpt BF!! Hish camne die tau..tipu ah tuh. ||Comfort Zone??||

Hmm..even my result wasn't soooo goood compare to others. Aha..I am satisfied!!Sometimes miracle happen. I got beyond my target. T___T ||Comfort Zone||

I have a lot of friends. ke pasan sendiri neh??Dunno ah..But still I never feel lonely. Hehe. So I'm really happy wif my life. ||Masih di Comfort Zone??||

Hmm.. Saya TAKUT menghadapi kenyataaan yang boleh membawa saya keluar dari comfort zone. Kena prepare jadi manusia yang tabah!!! Or sememang nye dah tabah..tuh xrase sangat down2..Grrr..internal conflict!!! Ahaha..

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